A Path Needs To be Chosen

Life is a endless journey which takes you to many paths,one leads to another.It depends on the type of path we chose that gives us results. If we fear we have to live with it for rest of our life so why not just try to put a step forward and overcome our fears.

These thoughts may or may not have connection with what my blog is gonna be while reading further. It’s not the writing which makes it good or bad it’s how you interpret it to be, everything is inside us but we need to have a right key for the right lock

People suggest a blog to be in a formal way but my style of writing is informal so be it. It doesn’t matter how you write it’s about how you present it. It’s fine to express your ideas in a form which is convenient to you.

There’s a part in you which makes you unique from people , we are scared to bring that part of because it is a different ability which other people don’t poses so we tend to think it as a flaw.

Some of us tend to think of flaws as our strengths which takes us to a tougher path of life but life is always connected to a destiny, sometimes it may be too soon that we have reached it or it might take a long time to reach but ultimately we reach the destination.

It’s also wrong to just depend on the fact that we will meet our fate at some point cause destiny is built by hard work. The less the hard work the smaller the goal and lesser satisfaction

Its our life we have to make it bigger and better at cost of hard work for sometime which will cause us satisfaction for rest of our life.

Life is a one way road,

Once traveled there’s no turning back

The choice is upto us that we take the narrow and harder road or bigger and easier road.

We are the makers of our fortune,let’s make a bigger bounty of fortune without thinking that it would have been better if we chose another path cause if we do that that means you didn’t fill the purpose of life you had to.


7 thoughts on “A Path Needs To be Chosen

  1. Reminds me of the trek where we see two paths the shorter one and the longer one and I always chose the longer one becoz it was easier.
    Cheers dude!!


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