The Flawless Stream Of Memories

Well childhood is like a flawless lake but everything has its own end and now am standing at the end of it. Just before I could realize my schooling was done, it breaks my heart when I look back at the fact that I won’t be entering those building again.

I used to curse my school when I was a part of it but when time’s come to depart I want to take back my words cause this school had made the best out of me, it had been the light to success and it challenged me to overcome the best I could do and set up a high standard. I failed many times but thats what kept me alive in the game called life.

Those four walls meant a lot to me and it will always have those memories dug deep in my heart which will make me smile when I look back to them in near future.

We never realize the value of anything until we come to the dead end


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