Animal or social animal?

Life isn’t what it is, is it? What we see isn’t what it actually is and what we actually is isn’t what we see. Sometimes we know how it is but we choose to ignore it because it either is a thought or a statement which proves us wrong about a particular topic and ya it is particularly true about teenagers cause we have ego and we find it as something great and we call it “swag”. It is hard to accept our mistakes but it isn’t impossible to rewrite the mistakes.

Human is the only being gifted with supreme intelligence, emotions, extraordinary thinking capacity and desicion making skills but how is it that a human can’t think before saying something? How is it that we can’t understand others emotion before saying a word or performing an action? There’s no point in saving the gifts even when it’s the right time to use it.

Now-a-days people believe in emphasizing there emotion through social media and give feedback through anonymous websites than speak upfront. We were always taught to be courageous and upfront so it is clearly not how we are brought up, but it’s how we chose to be brought up.

Why can’t we try to act humane cause it is what we are. Is is to much to ask to be ourselves? If u think it’s not worth a thought then your nothing but an animal disguised as a human.

We might even blame the institutions and teachers who taught us values but is it them who live our lives? Or is it out incapablity to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong?

Why do we like to blame others for the way are? As I mentioned before, we don’t like to be pointed out and judged. We feel it as a shame to be exposed from that disguise cause it reveals what we are. But truth never stays hidden, it comes out and it hits bold.

I agree that humans make mistakes and we deserve a second chance and I respect those who try to correct their mistakes but what about those guys who are not humane? I leave that thought to you, think for yourselves what you truly are.

To a great mind nothing is little

– Sherlock Holmes


Time Doesn’t Last Forever But Memories Do

Some memories happen all of sudden while some you know eventually that it is going to turn into a memory. The memory which am sharing is a mixture of both. It all began a month ago before we left Hyderabad and travel to Himalayas for a trek.

Most of us clearly had no idea how the trek would turn out to be. Every guy in class was enthusiastic to be a part of trek but as always the parents are against it and everyone tries to convince their best friends to trek along.Finally when we flatter the parents then comes a bomb from school which states pay the fees in a short span of time as the seats are limited, I don’t know if the school is desperate for the trek charges or its just bad timing. Friends start dropping from the plan and if its your bestie who’s dropped its bad luck mate and you drop too. Finally when you beg and cry, your parents allow you with a goddamn condition, a condition which destroys the desire to be a part of tour, the condition of marks . Finally the lucky few who flatter their parents become enthusiastic waiting for the tour but to shatter their enthusiasm comes a big fat ugly stuff called exams.

Seriously if I could travel through time i would be happy to wipe out the creator of exams from existence but that’s another story. Somehow we break our heads to go through the exams and when its done i swear its the best feeling in life, its just a staircase to heaven.

Well after the exams are done, preparations begin and well its a trek so most of the folks travel light but their is one girl in the group who brings her make up kit which weighs half of her luggage, trust me that person would forget her toilet paper but not the make up kit. The best part of the journey is always the train but when you travel with a bunch of old folks who come under the species called ” teachers”, well their job is simple, hunt through all the compartments and find girls and boys together and there is this damn teacher whom everyone hates, this teacher finds everything in a stereotypical way.

Well, somehow we manage to go through the train journey which is fun at a point later it gets exhausting. Well, I had to travel to Himalayas so our first stop was at Delhi, we didn’t exactly stay long at that place so we didn’t see much except cars and bikes driving on footpath , we reached hotel and post lunch we left for Manali through bus which was a fun ride and which would have been more fun if there was no involvement of teachers.

The next morning we reached Manali base camp and to adjust ourselves to climate we were taken for a walk to the local market by our tour coordinator.It was a short walk to the market and we were not allowed to buy anything apart from warm clothing and gloves for the trek ahead. As every batch has those rule breakers and eventually so did mine. We returned back to the hotel after a short while and had to pack our backpacks for the trek which was going to begin the next day.

Our trip never went with the itinerary, we had an early breakfast and we were traveled through the old bridge to cross Beas river and there began our trek. Little did we know that a trek was going to be contrary to what we expected it to be.

We were to pass through three villages which sounded pretty easy but we realized it late that it was totally different to what we expected a trek to be. We were to travel about 8 km to the base camp but as stated before we never traveled according to itinerary so we traveled longer than we were told but personally I felt it was fun.

There’s always a person who has a big mouth and has a PHD to fake about things. This guy makes the trip damn interesting. In my case this guy claimed himself to be the “fitness freak” and it feels damn good when you see him among the last to reach the camp. Our base camp was located at approximately 2500 meters. We had to reach Solang village by crossing river Beas which was easy but we had to climb a steep mountain which drained a lot of energy, the path seemed endless. We reached the base camp or was it our base camp? Nah, it wasn’t our camp so after a 10 min break we walked and after approx of 20 min we reached our camp 1. The temperature turned cool and little did we know what awaited for us.We were hungry as wolves and we city folks expected tasty food at a place like that which of course turned the other way round but hunger is such thing which we cant stand so we ate a lot.

There was nothing interesting which took next day, we had a walk through the woods and we were back after some time. UNO cards became our companion when boredom struck us. Well we had a decent dinner and crawled into our sleeping bags and slept as snug as a bug in a rug .

The next day we didn’t have to travel much but I found out my friend was tree hugger. We traveled further and we found patches of snow and I had no idea that I was going to hate it a point. Oxygen level reduced the further we walked. Trees began to disappear and the temperature turned down, with the sun the temperature dropped, the temperature dropped around -5 at night. We were supposed to ski and be a part of snow activities which never happened. Even the sleeping bags couldn’t provide us warmth at that temperature. We fell asleep some how.

I swear I never waited for the arrival of sun any other day but only when we were at camp 2. Even the water froze solid. Ginger tea and soups were the stuff which kept us warm. It was time for trekking up the Patalsu peak which was 1350 feet high. It was fun walking up but we had to stop and return back as the path was slippery. The best part of the trek was the food served that day, finally we had noodles. It was the best meal we had during the tour and we retired to bed as we had a long day ahead.

We had to travel back the way we had come and it didn’t take even half the time we traveled up. We reached the place where we started our trek from and we reached our hotel back. We went shopping in the evening after visiting the Hidimbi temple. Manali is a decent place to go shopping.The was off and we slept.

The next morning we had a very early breakfast and we had a one our trip to reach a spot where we were a part of the water rafting which was the best part of the tour. It was a 2 hour full fun packed adventure.

We traveled back to hotel and we had to travel to Delhi after lunch. We reached Delhi the next day morning and we hated to depart but we had to return back to Hyderabad and it was a hell of climatic change.

This is one of the best tours, in fact it is The best tour I’ve ever experienced.

Lets Wander Where The Wifi Is Weak

A Path Needs To be Chosen

Life is a endless journey which takes you to many paths,one leads to another.It depends on the type of path we chose that gives us results. If we fear we have to live with it for rest of our life so why not just try to put a step forward and overcome our fears.

These thoughts may or may not have connection with what my blog is gonna be while reading further. It’s not the writing which makes it good or bad it’s how you interpret it to be, everything is inside us but we need to have a right key for the right lock

People suggest a blog to be in a formal way but my style of writing is informal so be it. It doesn’t matter how you write it’s about how you present it. It’s fine to express your ideas in a form which is convenient to you.

There’s a part in you which makes you unique from people , we are scared to bring that part of because it is a different ability which other people don’t poses so we tend to think it as a flaw.

Some of us tend to think of flaws as our strengths which takes us to a tougher path of life but life is always connected to a destiny, sometimes it may be too soon that we have reached it or it might take a long time to reach but ultimately we reach the destination.

It’s also wrong to just depend on the fact that we will meet our fate at some point cause destiny is built by hard work. The less the hard work the smaller the goal and lesser satisfaction

Its our life we have to make it bigger and better at cost of hard work for sometime which will cause us satisfaction for rest of our life.

Life is a one way road,

Once traveled there’s no turning back

The choice is upto us that we take the narrow and harder road or bigger and easier road.

We are the makers of our fortune,let’s make a bigger bounty of fortune without thinking that it would have been better if we chose another path cause if we do that that means you didn’t fill the purpose of life you had to.

Is this the world which is worth living?

Disclaimer: This blog doesnt mean to hurt the sentiments of anyone

Its often very comical and humorous to hear people speak about humanity as the supreme race and is advancing towards development where we could see poverty and misery all over the world. We humans were made or you could say chosen as the supreme one to make difference not to degrade the way we live. By the way we are making a difference but the other way, where did the humanity go when we hear about the syria attacks. Is the world shy in accepting the truth?

It doesnt suit us right to be called humans when we cant stand for those in need. Is this what superiority is? Is this what decision making is of the so called “progressive race”? I guess we should be branded as primitive group as that would rightfully suit us.

In this present world when we find countries fight to prove themselves as robust and tenacious. Where did that sinewy go when it comes to small countries like Syria, Israel and other countries who are being destroyed without a cause and they look towards these countries for help but are being turned deaf ear.

We are in world where children fight with their parents for luxury materials like Television, Computer, Smartphones and what not but these kids who are oppressed are struggling to live and we, “the premium class” dont even think twice while wasting food.

Is this how the world is gonna stay? Is this how we are going to live with ignoring whats happening in front of our eyes? Is the world worth to be called as globe? I call it a place for hoggish people.

Two things are infinite.The universe and human stupidity.

……and am not sure about universe

-Albert Einstein

The Flawless Stream Of Memories

Well childhood is like a flawless lake but everything has its own end and now am standing at the end of it. Just before I could realize my schooling was done, it breaks my heart when I look back at the fact that I won’t be entering those building again.

I used to curse my school when I was a part of it but when time’s come to depart I want to take back my words cause this school had made the best out of me, it had been the light to success and it challenged me to overcome the best I could do and set up a high standard. I failed many times but thats what kept me alive in the game called life.

Those four walls meant a lot to me and it will always have those memories dug deep in my heart which will make me smile when I look back to them in near future.

We never realize the value of anything until we come to the dead end

The Twisted Tale Of Life

Life is a funny thing right? It brings happiness nd also sadness nd people say enjoy the good ones and forget the old ones. But the problem is with the goddamn life the more you try to forget things the more u see it and visualize and if u take it to much u start hallucinating things. As always its how you try to overcome it. Well my life has just begun but it has taught me a lot.

Friends was something which meant a lot to me but ya the more you care about others the more they think it as weakness. Yes they were my weakness,I stood up for them but its just a phrase of life reminding me that trust is just a big word and has to be spread less cause its too hard to earn if broken. It effects a person a lot like in my case it did effect cause I believed that they were the only people who cared the same as I did but trust me its just being used. Well people might be feeling sorry but I don’t care about it cause I don’t require ur sympathys cause I put myself into this and I have strength to get up and fight back with a smile cause smile signifies my victory. U never know what life has wrapped up for you so live it and experience it , but always with a smile ☺.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift that’s why its called a present

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